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  1. Thought this was pretty neat and figured I'd post it here for you guys. I wont rip off the whole article, but a quick excerpt to give you an idea of what they did, Scientists from the RIKEN Center for Brain Science (CBS) and collaborators in Japan have discovered particular neurons in the brain that monitor whether predictions made by fish actually come true. By making use of a new virtual reality-outfitted aquarium where brain imaging of zebrafish can be done as they learn and navigate through virtual reality cues, researchers found neurons that allow efficient risk avoidance and create a “hazard map” in the brain that allows for escape to safety. Link to full article: Zebrafish in Virtual Reality Experiment Predict the Future To Avoid Danger: https://scitechdaily.com/zebrafish-in-virtual-reality-experiment-predict-the-future-to-avoid-danger The study itself: Zebrafish capable of generating future state prediction error show show improved active avoidance behavior in virtual reality https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-021-26010-7
  2. I have a group of five (5) glofish zebra danios at work. Four (4) seem to be active and fairly plump. However, my blue one has been not interested in eating and is getting skinnier. This is a stark difference from when I got them because it used to be a glutton. They would eat until their belly looked gigantic and kind of alarming. They currently just sit in front of the gradual filter current and just barely swim as required to maintain position. The other fish like to do this as well, we have named it the treadmill. They will swim around the tank but not that much. The tank has been set up three months and the blue was the last one added. I did not medicate the tank when I got the fish. Tankmates: 2 nerite snails, 3 amano shrimp, a bunch of cherry shrimp and shrimplets. Plants Ph:8.2, kh: over 300, gh=over 300, nitrite: 0, ammonia:0, nitrate: 25, temp: 75. Food: tetra color flakes, Hikari micro pellets
  3. Does anyone have experience keeping danios with mystery snails? Any problems with them picking at tentacles or eyes? The tank will be a planted 25 gallon and they will be the only occupants. Is there a best species of danio to keep with mystery snails? My top 6 considerations are Zebra danios, pearl danios, rose danios, gold ring danios, celestial pearl danios, or white cloud minnows.
  4. 10 gallon tank is 6 months old. ph 6.7 amonia 0 nitrites 0 nitrates 0 (heavily planted) Temp 78-80 Our water is on the hard side. Had 6 zebra danios lost 2, the 4 remaining had red gills and were gasping at the bottom. Betta appeared unaffected. I quarantined the danios and treated with aquarium salt (no dice), general cure (no dice) and finally prazipro (success!). I treat the main tank as well thinking it's gill flukes. Danios back to their crazy selves. Tonight I noticed two danios are laying on the bottom of the tank again. Betta appears sluggish but I'm not sure anymore as I keep staring at them. I do another dose of prazipro. I also have almond leaves in the tank. What do I do next? I have shrimp and snails in the tank too. I have ich-x on hand and Maracyn oxy. Regular maracyn on the way. Advice is much appreciated!
  5. So I've been calibrating a fairly new tank for just over 3 months and all the fish were happy until some big change this weekend. Cory's and Plecos fine, but all 18 Danios (10 Zebra, 8 Kyathit) have gone into hiding at the bottom in the plants/driftwood, only a few come out to eat. Just now I tried to coax them out with some food. Several came out and I noticed red gills on at least two of them. Internet search took me many places ... Ammonia is 0, so it isn't Ammonia poisoning CO2 is between 15-30ppm, but the fish are not gasping for air or going to the surface So that leaves ... bacteria? But why don't the Cory's and Plecos have it (at least they are acting normally with no red gills)? My first tank crisis 😞
  6. Hi friends! We have a 20g community tank that started with 5 GloFish Danios back in February. We've lost 2 so far, and a 3rd one (the orange one in the photos) is exhibiting the same symptoms. They seem to get thinner and thinner, and their back almost seems like it's arching more too (is this hollow belly? wasting disease?). They get reclusive and stop eating, and a few days later they die. The orange one is currently attempting to eat but is not swimming with the others. I can't tell if it's spitting the food out or not. It seems like it's also getting bullied a bit by the larger Danios now, but not really during feeding time. We're feeding Tetra Color flake food but occasionally mix it up with Repashy, Bug Bites, or blood worms. The first time this happened we did nothing, the 2nd time I dosed the Maracyn and Paracleanse according to directions. Water parameters: Temp: 78F Ammonia: 0 Nitrites: 0 Nitrates: 30 ph: 7.4 KH: 5 GH: 9 Other tankmates: Guppies, Endlers, Panda Cories, Otos, Neon Tetras, Assassin Snails, and a teeny tiny Albino Longfin Bristlenose Pleco (we're planning to upsize this tank in the near future before it gets big). Currently doing weekly 25% water changes, and gravel vac every 4 weeks. I have 10g tanks I can move it to for treatment, but I'm wondering what the best thing to do is? I have not treated with salt before, but since I've tried the antibiotic and anti-parasitic before, I don't think it's worth trying them again. Just wanted to get the forum's thoughts on next steps. I've also heard GloFish Danios might be a little weaker due to them being bred from an albino Danio morph. Has that been anyone else's experience, or is that just nonsense? Thanks in advance! -Justin
  7. Hey all, I'm new member. I want to get this out there so others can compare results. Also this seemed like the easiest path to seeing if Cory can help discuss this. I'm unsure if this will work with all species, but I see no reason that it wouldn't. (I only have owned "Giant Danios" so far). Anyways: Regular breeder mop to start. Then pulled. 2-3days before hatching. Fed as soon as free swimming. I literally just used organic spirulina powder for food! This mop had about 30-40. The first week or so, I fed a small amount of powder (only enough to cover 3-4in diameter of the water surface) every 3-4 hours while lights were on. I then started to mix in crushed flake food (bug bites color, xtreme krill, and xtreme spirulina). I'm sure that it would be even more successful with working up to baby brine shrimp. Filter was a small sponge filter, turned down fairly low in a 10gal. I would like to see if this works with CPD's, or any tiny omnivore fry that normally would need natural algae or mulm. Hopefully Cory can touch base on this for me and get the word out on this, I've heard ?'s like this on his Q&A's. Thanks for the light read.
  8. Hello 😏 I need help, again. I had a thread about my issues with my D. Tinwini order. I had thought that I had a positive I.D. on them but I moved the last two healthy fish into my community tank last night. Under much better light I am again questioning the species. These two little guys are beautiful, one is much darker coloration and has rich orange beginning on the fins. So, what do I have?
  9. I have a bunch of Fry Danio and also fry Corydoras in a breeder tank. I would like to at some point add some of them into my community tank. However, among of fish in that tank are Angelfish and a 3+ inch female swordtail that I'm worried will eat them unless they are too large to swallow. Anybody have experience with fry? At what point can I safely introduce them into my community tank?
  10. 1) Is it a good idea to keep zebra danios and longfin zebra danios together? I read that zebra danios have a tendency to fin nip longer finned fish. 2) What do you get if you breed a longfin with a regular danio?
  11. I'm two months into the hobby and I have a 10 gallon planted tank with 7 danios (mix of zebra, gold, glofish). One of my gold danios is harassing all the others and some are showing signs of stress (hiding in the corner, lack of appetite). I've isolated the aggressive danio and added some more plants and decor to the tank but one fish is still hiding, not eating. Is there a way to get this fish out of his funk? Also, I'm wondering if the male:female ratio is setting off the aggressive danio? I did't pay attention when I first got them but I wound up with 2 females and 6 males. One female since died so the ratio is now 1 female:6 males. Water parameters: nitrates 40ppm, nitrite 0ppm, ammonia 0, GH ~300ppm, KH ~40ppm. pH 7.2
  12. For a fluval 15 flex with a pair of apistos ?
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