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Alge and plant nutrients

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Ok everyone trying to figure out what nutrient my plants in this tank are lacking and which hair alge I'm dealing with. I dose easy green once a week 1ml and 2ml potassium for my Java ferns. Root tabs once a month from r the sword. All 3 pics are the same 10 gal tank. IMG_20220724_175308811.jpg.7e16ab7b99691a7df213e2f6a7f6ceb3.jpg



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This may help give a quick remission for algae so you can figure the rest out. Here is a short version and the full article thread we put together. 

place plants fully submerged in plain seltzer water. I use spoon to weight them down. Then place in a dark room for 9-12 hours. Then return to the tank. That’s  It kills the algae and critters can then consume it or it dissipates over time. 


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