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Hello 👋 my betta has some red on his tail it looks like blood?


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Hello Our bettafish has some red on his fins it looks like blood but we think it might be brown algae that has formed in other places on the aquarium in the past few days would like to know if anybody thinks that’s what this is or if this is some thing else thank you for all the all of your thoughts

We 💭 about this forum from girltalksfish thank you! 

have a blessed day! 😀



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@Katherineand @Gwallace
So I think 🤔 💭 we figured it out maybe..

we did a water change and some of the paint was coming off one of our decor items inside of it , it’s something he swims through so we’re thinking it’s that 

but in the meantime I hope we shouldn’t be doing anything else for him like salt? We put tannin leaf extract in already and stress coat he is acting fine we made sure and soaked the decor item in hot water and scrubbed the rest of the paint off the ceramic. 
honestly we wouldn’t have even put it back there if he didn’t like it so much we’re gonna order some rocks and make a natural cave and try to be as natural as possible 

We should have never got decor with paint like that but the outside is fine it was the inside? 

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A tip from me is it’s never a good idea to have plastic or rough decor in a fish tank specifically and especially for bettas. Their long fins drag on things as they swim. So if there’s too much clutter or not enough gallons with sharp or rough decor hes bound to cut himself. I think the natural tank is a good idea!! If people want to go for an artificial look my suggestion is only use silk plants that don’t have toxic dyes, and if you want to use use colored gravel or painted decorations, make sure you do research and see what’s safe and what’s not because most painted decor has epoxy in it which can be extremely toxic if it were to chip off and or decompose in the tank. In my opinion if people want an artificial tank it's much harder to do than a naturalistic tank. Just so many toxins and chemicals used on everything it’s upsetting that people sell it. 

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Those fins look ethereal, very pretty fish. Well done on spotting the dodgy decor piece they often paint over the glazed surfaces to make them more commercial. Doesn't necessarily mean the paint would be harmful just unable to stick to glazed surfaces so don't panic keep an eye on it and find the stuff you like.

Is this your first fish?

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