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Aquaclear 110/70 pre-filter mod for turtles


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Hey all, not gonna bore you to much with fancy words and what not. Just gonna let the pictures speak for themselves. (Sort of)

20201019_185719.jpg.5a774e5a8f65daa320985b2957f39bb0.jpgThis is an eheim pre-filter. If you cut the strainer off one of the intake tubes for an aquaclear 110 or 70; then wrap the top tube of the prefilter cage with Teflon tape. It will wedge nicely into the intake tube.

20201019_185841.jpg.1c7b19f4e81928e282ba88f4db86fea6.jpgunfortunately the sponge that comes with the eheim prefilter (white) greatly restrics the flow of an aquaclear when its brand new. You can see its a much finer sponge than the aquarium co op  prefilter sponge. Because of this they need to be cleaned almost daily.

20201019_185943.jpg.d298ea51794b784c6f90f820d01feec7.jpgbut an aquarium coop med. Prefilter sponge fits the eheim pre-filter cage, almost.

20201019_190009.jpg.860d7f3cde72c6cae0e2e68b484aa1f8.jpg a 5 second trim later

20201019_190141.jpg.bb144f6ef21064dcd8ced76e03513043.jpgand presto. Fits like a glove.

It takes 2 med sponges to fill the cage (the cage comes in two sections. But is so worth it.

For those who may not know there is an  ancient blood feud between turtles and sponges. A feud my turtles still honor to this day. So much so, I'm convinced that ritual prefilter/sponge filter sacrifice has become a rite of passage for the turtles living here.

Which is why I'm super stoked about this mod. No more senseless sponge massacres and a working filter !!        

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