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Hello. I am new and have been working on my fist 20 gallon tank . It’s been up almost 3 months . Was adding 2 of the last 4 fish I ordered . Like a fool I didn’t know about or have a quarantine tank. One of the new fish died and the other looks to have the same thing. Looking to treat the whole tank with kanaplex but I still have 2 other ordered fish coming in 24-34hrs and no where to put them. I want to treat the tank but was wondering about acclimating new fish in the middle of a treatment. Should I start the treatment or wait for new fish and do it ? Thank you . I have done some salt treatments in the time being. 

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Hi there @ZeroCool Welcome to the Forum.

It's okay - everyone was a beginner at some point! I did not know about quarantining fish either until after one of my Neon Tetras developed Ich and threw the whole tank out of balance with the meds, etc.

From what I have learned on this forum as well as from other research, Kanaplex works best when fed in food with Seachem Focus, vs just dosing the entire tank with the powder. I believe the first place I learned this from was posts on this Forum by @Colu and @Torrey

In your original post, you said "the other fish seems to have the same thing". What is "the thing"/which ailment are you suspecting? What kind of fish are these? 

What are your tank parameters?

If you don't have another tank set up, you can make a temporary QT tank/tub from just about anything, depending on the kind of fish/size of fish. I will often utilize a 5 gallon bucket with a sponge filter and an airstone if I am in a pinch, or even one of those plastic beverage totes with the rope handles.

There are wonderful people on this forum who will help you, and one person will know more than the next. 

Best of Luck!

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78.5-79 temp 

No3 zero

No2 zero

Ammonia zero

Ph 7.5

Kh around 80 ppm (4.46?) 

Gh around 120 ppm  (6.7?)

 Filter, heater, air stone all in use. 

4 Mickey Mouse platys, 3 kuhli loaches, and 5 guppies 

running almost 3 months with fish added at 1 month and onward. All fake plants . algae growth on walls and decor. The infected fish that died im pretty sure had fin rot . He had a perfect fin then 24 hrs later lost 2/3 of it before passing. The other that came with has a slowly progressing white spot on tail that looks to be making a hole.  The pic is the guppy that died. I have jug with an airstone  I can float in the tank and move him to but he’s been with the other fish days now. 


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Doing a course of kanaplex in food is more effective typically fish only adsorb about 20% of antibiotic medication when dosing the water I would feed a small amount twice a day for 7 days store any leftover medicated food in the fridge


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