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  1. ZeroCool


    78.5-79 temp No3 zero No2 zero Ammonia zero Ph 7.5 Kh around 80 ppm (4.46?) Gh around 120 ppm (6.7?) Filter, heater, air stone all in use. 4 Mickey Mouse platys, 3 kuhli loaches, and 5 guppies running almost 3 months with fish added at 1 month and onward. All fake plants . algae growth on walls and decor. The infected fish that died im pretty sure had fin rot . He had a perfect fin then 24 hrs later lost 2/3 of it before passing. The other that came with has a slowly progressing white spot on tail that looks to be making a hole. The pic is the guppy that died. I have jug with an airstone I can float in the tank and move him to but he’s been with the other fish days now.
  2. ZeroCool


    Hello. I am new and have been working on my fist 20 gallon tank . It’s been up almost 3 months . Was adding 2 of the last 4 fish I ordered . Like a fool I didn’t know about or have a quarantine tank. One of the new fish died and the other looks to have the same thing. Looking to treat the whole tank with kanaplex but I still have 2 other ordered fish coming in 24-34hrs and no where to put them. I want to treat the tank but was wondering about acclimating new fish in the middle of a treatment. Should I start the treatment or wait for new fish and do it ? Thank you . I have done some salt treatments in the time being.
  3. Thanks for the advice . I added tablespoon of salt then waited a day and did a 25 percent water change with another tablespoon of salt. Now the next day I can’t be sure but the other new blue guppy looks like he has a white patch developing now. About to do another water change with a another tablespoon ( my third I was told I can do 4 for a 20 gallon)then add some kanaplex . Doing daily tests on water .
  4. Well what ever it was it took the poor guy from a perfect back fin to 2/3 tail gone then dead in 24 hrs . All other fish seem fine. Worried about contamination. Should I possible treat the whole tank with meds or salt ? Will be saving for a quarantine tank for the future.
  5. Here’s the best pic I got
  6. Sorry figuring out the forum . I think I posted one now . Thank you ,
  7. The sick one .
  8. ZeroCool

    Sick guppy ?

    Hello I am new to keeping fish . I have a tank that’s a little over 2 months old. Cycled 1 month with over a month of fish living ok in it . 78.5-79 temp No3 zero No2 zero Ammonia zero Ph 7.5 Kh around 80 ppm (4.46?) Gh around 120 ppm (6.7?) Filter, heater, air stone all in use. The fish in the tank are 4 Mickey Mouse platys,3 kuhli loaches,6 guppies. I just got 3 of the guppies yesterday . All looked fin when I went to bed . This morning this blue guppy had this white stuff and mark on back fin . Is this a fungal fin rot? How should I treat? Thank you very much.
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