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Guppy or endler


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As far as i am aware there is not any "pure" endlers being sold to the hobby anymore.
Almost all fish labeled as endler are a endler/guppy mix and most of the guppies usually have some endler mixed in because it makes them more robust and more colorful.
That being said the fish on the picture is a mix and usually would be labeled as an enlder in most stores.

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I have what would be sold as endlers:



And then I have what I intentionally bred as endler guppy hybrids:



And then in this pic below you can see endlers in the background and endler hybrids in foreground. 


 Now, I'm not up on farmed endler genetics, but at the very least you can see the difference between what is sold as an endler and the result of those endlers crossed with mutt guppies. A size difference is the first thing I notice. 

I also got one (and only one) red type endler / guppy hybrid, which I love and want to make more of:



On another note, one day I hope to be better at fish photography. 


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