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Securing Java Fern

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So I recently ordered my first live plants from Aquarium Co-op, for my 55 gal. Malawi Mbuna Tank. Since I am limited on options because of the species, I chose these 2 plants because if their compatibility. 

I watched a lot of Cory's videos to learn about them and set myself up for success. I ordered along with the plants some Easy Green and Root tabs. (for the Abunis) 

I attempted to get the Java Fern to attached to a piece of driftwood in the tank, and secured it using the white mesh from the bag it came in, by cutting a little slit in the fabric and wrapping the rest around the wood. But that has failed, and now I have several small stalks of Java Fern sort of floating above the wood. 

In one of the videos I remember Cory saying you could just "let it float in the tank and it will find something to grab onto" and also something about using SuperGlue Gel? 

I also wasn't sure if I was supposed to leave it in the black little pot it came in, or not. I assumed not, but I couldn't find a "guide" or "how to" as far as planting. 

I'm going to remove the mesh at this point, but would love to know how I'm supposed to get the Java Fern to stay put!

Any suggestions are appreciated. 


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I suggest that you glue the rhizome to a small rock and the put that on the wood or wherever you want. The same goes for the Anubias, it should be secured to hardscape and not planted or the rhizome will be susceptible to rot. 
oops, I just noticed that @freemoney already gave the same advice. 😀

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Thanks guys, I had a feeling that's what you were going to say, I am just so surprised you can use super glue in the tank. I'm usually terrified to use anything chemical. 

I'll just glue it up! I'll update the picture afterwards. 

Thanks again!

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