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Angel breeding log

Ken Burke

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Week 5 done, I counted 17 babies.  I realize that’s not a huge number for angels, but it’s my first successful spawning.  

question for the angel breeders: I’ve noticed a significant variability smallest to largest in the babies, it that normal?  Does that have any relationship to sex this early?  Pictures below do not show the largest of them, but it does jive you an idea what I’m talking about.C1E85E0C-D125-4722-8517-C491D62749F7.jpeg.4718518a1e6c75adc108fe5e44277ade.jpegD4AE957D-461B-4795-991D-F4264A0FAF7F.jpeg.605156b1f0ca6180abde120903f57dc9.jpeg

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