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i wanna see your massive pest snails


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everyone: “how do i get rid of all of the pest ramshorn and bladder snails in my tank?”

me: “how big can i get these things to grow...”


got some big ones in, anyone else trying to grow theirs massive too? i wanna see pics of your massive “pest” snails. 

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17 hours ago, Lizzie Block said:

Haha! Yes! Me too, I had this beast once. I didn't measure him, but my guess is that the leaf above his head is about an inch wide. He was a great subject for photography 🙂 Love my ramshorns 💚20201014_214630.jpg.3785a768123b561eaddfb327fb691867.jpg

love this photo! that’s one nice looking snail you got there. it’s amazing just how much color these little guys have. 

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