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Fish Birthday Party

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Green streamers hung down from the ceiling like seaweed or plants then get a party light that reflects like water! Hang paper fish from the ceiling which I'm sure all of the above you can find at a party store!

Pin the tail on the Betta fish

Get a kiddie pool, fill it with water and fish themed party favors in lieu of a pinata you can have kids fish for prizes with fishnets!

I know he's 1 but still that'd be fun lol!

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Oh man! So much fun! You definitely have to have goldfish crackers. Is it really a party without them? You could get small plastic containers and fill them with crackers and gummy worms and give them away as party favors like tackle boxes. And maybe a pull apart cake that looks like a big fish but it's made of cupcakes. It would be super easy to paint white paper lanterns to look like bobbers and they're cheap online.

Love all of @xXInkedPhoenixX ideas as well.Master party planner right there! 

You'll have to take pictures and post them. Happy Birthday! 




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