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Finally gave in

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Gave into joining the forum I always spend atleast an hour a day on. Hello from Sunny California ❤️🔥! I have 2 tanks currently, 1 empty cycling planted tank (soon to be new home for fatty) and the other holding my king koi betta fish named fatty 

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Dont be afraid to ask any questions. I Have asked questions that I’m sure people though “ o how could he ask that” and then a few people had the same questions. Still take thing. Will a grain of salt and trilresearch about it, real research not other forums. It’s you can find it most people are trying to help and have Imformation that years of experience bring

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Thanks everyone! ❤️ I’ll post a picture of him when I get home. All the ones I have are when I first got him and he’s gotten even bigger. Which is also why I’m trying to cycle a bigger tank for him haha. Yeah I have definitely came to the forum a lot regarding questions that most websites or my LFS can’t answer. My area doesn’t really have fish connoisseurs unfortunately. 

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