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  1. So I was looking at the oase 60 but I want to put the canister under my UNS cabinet and some reviews said that it does have trouble with the input and output and freestanding when the tubing is too far from the inlet and outlet. As in because the tubing is so stiff it’ll sometimes tilt and then if the canister is too far from the tank the flow is very reduced and doesn’t filtrate to its capacity. Let me know what ya think.
  2. So I’ll be putting the filtration on a 45U 9 gallon aquarium tank. I know the fluval 107 might be over kill but I’m going to be using the lily spin outflow to cut the current for my betta.
  3. Hi! Sorry for such a lapse is replying. I got busy with life! Still haven’t completely found a filter however I did choose to get the WRGB SLIM II and bought the hanging stuff to suspend it above the tank. My tank will be surrounded my house plants near my plant area so they’ll enjoy the extra lighting as well. I plan on literally just running it at 25% intensity from what I was reading what others do. And it also gives me a chance to use it when I plan on upgrading again in a couple years. As for filtration I have pretty much narrowed it down to Fluval Canister 107 Oase 60 or 100 Eheim 2211 or 2213 really leaning on the fluval canister for the reasoning of easiness in cleaning/maintenance now I’m currently researching either 13 or 17mm glass lilys! Don’t know which size will look good yet. Still researching
  4. What’s your preference on either filter and what’s your favorite type/brand ? what’s the pros & cons if you were to start up a new tank what would be your go too for filters and medium full spectrum lights? Right now I have a planted 6.7 gallon rimless heavily planted beta fish tank with 3 kuhli loaches, the tank is about 3 years old. I had a aqua clear HOB filter for almost the life of the aquarium until it decided to break/stop working so I just popped on my frugal tidal HOB filter I had in my closet as a back up for the aqua clear. I have 4 types of filter sponges and 2 types of filter media in it with a pothos plant. As of last week I decided to buy a UNS Rimless ultra clear 45U (9 gallon) with a UNS 45U stand. So now I'm shopping around for new upgraded filters and lights. I will be planning on having carpeting plants with no CO2. I do like the options for being able to customize the filtration sponges/pads and filter media. aside from the glass Lilly pipes being a flawless edition to a rimless tank I want to know what I’m signing up for when I get them, cleaning looks a little rough lol. Also has anyone used the metal pipes? What’s your opinion on those as well? side note: for lights I’m looking at a chihiros a2 max. Opinions?
  5. Ok so I went and got a nerrite snail and 4 Amano shrimp. I had a growth of brown algae diatoms and hair algae so I need that taken care of. I’d say maybe I’m almost done cycling my tank? Who knows. I always test weekly and 0 ammonia and 0 nitrites, nitrates are roughly 20-40ppm from the ferts, plus ghost feeding every other day. back to my water, I fill a 5 gallon bucket of water. Prior to adding 1/2 table spoon of equilibrium readings were 0 KH & 0 GH, after adding 1/2 table spoon, it puts me 300GH & 40KH. Water is pretty cloudy, hopefully it will clear up when I do the water change tomorrow. so I was reading, does anyone use salty shrimp BEE (GH) adder. Is it better than equilibrium because I have shrimp now?
  6. Got it. Thank you so much! Yeah I was definitely kinda freaked out because it states pulls the mg & ca and replaces with regular sodium so then I was thinking that at that point could I harm my fish by using the salty water. Perfect I just ordered equilibrium! 🙂from what I read I add it during water changes and im good to go?
  7. Hi, I have some complicated questions regarding aquarium water. background: So, lately I have been buying Crystal Geyser jugs to do water changes because our well water has 80+ nitrates and high calcium (water spots everywhere) - it gets so annoying buying mass amount of gallon jugs at the store, plus water bottles to drink too ~ so we invested in a whole house Eco Water - Water softener, Culligan water nitrate remover & carbon filter. So nitrates are removed and carbon filter to remove impurities because we have a lot of ag (livestock & fruit/veg/nut crops) so increase risk of pesticides and fertilizer leeching into the water underground, we now officially have drinkable water from the tap! Woo! My question is can I use this water for my aquarium? I’m worried about the water softener putting salt in my freshwater aquarium? Does anyone use a water softener for their aquarium? Do I need to add Seachem equilibrium to harden the water? - I have a cycling planted aquarium & a regular gravel aquarium with my single betta fish As for getting a reverse osmosis filtration a whole house costs like 20k & can’t afford that lol and we just bought our house and I’m not willing to drill a whole in our granite because it’s too all brand new. Any suggestions are helpful. This is our water on a strip TDS = 179 ppm conductivity meter = 378 us/cm
  8. Do you have to give your snails more calcium or some sort of supplements due to the ph or are they not effected ?
  9. Fatty the king koi betta fish & his future cycling aquarium
  10. Yeah I’m hoping he’ll be happy once it’s all cycled up 🙂 and The plants have adjusted and all. Ok sounds great then, I read that bettas can live is more acidic environments but it’s always stressful because I just don’t want it to drop below 6! I’m still a newbie & have a lot to learn about the aquarium and planted tank life. Lots of people say that cycling tanks with a more acidic ph can take even longer, but who knows? I watch YouTube and ghost forums everyday haha to get ideas and educated. Chasing ph, from what I read can be a never ending nightmare.
  11. Thanks everyone! ❤️ I’ll post a picture of him when I get home. All the ones I have are when I first got him and he’s gotten even bigger. Which is also why I’m trying to cycle a bigger tank for him haha. Yeah I have definitely came to the forum a lot regarding questions that most websites or my LFS can’t answer. My area doesn’t really have fish connoisseurs unfortunately.
  12. We had to euthanized our betta of 3 years. About a month ago. Still miss him & his sassy attitude. It was the toughest decision ever. He ended up getting a tumor and sunk to the bottom. We lowered the water and did everything we could but for the sake of quality of life we had to let him go. Sending good vibes your way.
  13. Hi, I’m currently cycling with plants & Fluval stratum. I’m about entering week 2. I just dosed with easy green fertilizer for the first time since I saw some growth on the plants. My KH 0 PH 6.0-6.5 GH 300 ammonia 0 nitrites 5 ppm nitrates 20ppm *just dosed with easy green prior to testing* My question is: does anyone else use Fluval stratum in a betta fish tank with snails? & Has anyone had any luck or experience using Fluval Stratum & Seachem Alkaline Buffer together? What were your results? My Ph seems really low and I don’t have any KH after 24 hours from adding water after my water change. I want to try and raise the ph so I can cycle my tank more efficiently. But from what I was reading I can’t use crushed coral to increase KH & PH because my hardness is already 300 so then I saw Seachem alkaline buffer. I do understand that the FS has buffering but I’m trying to wear it down faster or stabilize the ph. My tap water has nitrates 20ppm, ph 7.5, kh 40, GH 300.
  14. Gave into joining the forum I always spend atleast an hour a day on. Hello from Sunny California ❤️‍🔥! I have 2 tanks currently, 1 empty cycling planted tank (soon to be new home for fatty) and the other holding my king koi betta fish named fatty
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