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On 3/3/2022 at 10:02 AM, David Retired LEO said:

I've have been reading that in-line  carbon and reverse osmosis water filters neutralize chlorine. Does anyone find this to be true, if so do I need to use a liquid dechlorinator? Thank you

Don't put pure RO in your tank. 

Carbon filtering is A OK. Both do remove chlorine yes. The RO system will use carbon to remove chlorine before it gets to the RO membrane because chlorine destroys it quick!

So running a carbon filter will be good for the tank, but be darn sure it is working (test for chlorine) because we all know what happens with just a little chlorine. 

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Are you using the filter before adding to the tank or adding carbon to the tank filter?

You will have to constantly monitor the effectiveness of the carbon filter they do expire and different rates depending on the water passing through.

I would expect dechlorinator to be cheaper than though 

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I’ve used carbon hose filters in gardening. They work but when they are exhausted they don’t. I knew mine gave out when I could smell chlorine. I never tested though for chlorine and have no clue if it works on chloramine that some water companies use. Again I was only gardening but I did not smell the usual high chlorine for awhile until one day I did. Not sure that’s helpful but wanted to share in case it was. 

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