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Breeding egg layers

Kim Esbye Blomberg

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Greetings from Denmark.

Last year i had a ton of fun figuering out a way to breed White Clouds in a way that would get a good amount of fry. Egg layers were a first for me. 

I had so much fun that i really need to find a next, similar, egg laying project for the coming year. 

Actually, there might be time and money for more than one project. 

I hope the good people in here can help point me in the right direction.

What would be a good next step up from White clouds? Preferably a fish that tolerates lower temps, due to the tanks being in the workshop.

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Corydoras seem easy to breed, as I would get surprise babies from time to time when I kept them. Several species need cooler temperatures, like panda cories. They're more hands on though, if you want to yield more babies; you'd need to collect the eggs and put them in a separate container to hatch, as well as treat them with anti-fungals I believe. 

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