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So I’m starting a 20 gal long planted tank (waiting on my Co Op plant order as we speak!) and had a lighting question. I ordered predominantly easy low light plants since I’m brand new to this, and I have a FluvalSmart aqua sky light. How do I know if this light will emit low, medium or high light? I understand the depth of the tank matters (12 in high), and the light sits directly on top of the glass lid, maybe an inch gap. Does anyone have any experience with this light for planted tanks?71B026C4-2305-49B8-985D-2A06C2EA44D5.jpeg.deda991ab1f8529d1c50f08ee4a80d62.jpeg

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Yep, in a 20 long that will provide plenty of light.  I'd even use that on a deeper 20, 29, or 55 gallon tank.


I use this on my 10 gallon tanks.  in one setup, a row of 4 10's I use 2 lights for all four tanks.


Powerful Nano Light Low Wattage Affordable The Planted+ nano light fits in between the Finnex Stingray line and the higher build quality of a Fluval Nano. This light is powerful and affordable but only carries a 6 month...


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