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Help with Honey Gourami care tips


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Hey I'm pretty new to the aquarium hobby and I recently added 2 honey gourami to a 20 gallon long tank 2 days ago but they aren't interested in the flake food I have(tetracolor tropical flakes). I have seen them eat a few bloodworms but not too much. I was wonder what sort of other food brands are good for them or if they just need to get settled into the tank to be more comfortable eating? I've tried google but it wasn't really helpful and all the reviews for products were always mixed, was wondering if veteran honey gourami owners have any recommended food brands and some tips for newly added gouramis. Thank you guys in advanced!

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Hi there!

It's pretty normal for honey gouramis to not notice when it's feeding time until they settle for a few days. If your honey gouramis are swimming around the tank, being active, and pecking at the decor/plants in your 20 gallon, then don't be concerned yet. If you want to try adding some tasty foods to their diets, my honeys really love Fluval Bug Bites pellets in the really tiny size (for small fish). They also love the Xtreme Aquatics Krill Flakes, Community Crave Flakes, and Nano pellets. You can't go wrong with frozen daphnia or bloodworms for a treat, either.

I find above all that being consistent with your feeding routines will get them eager and ready to eat before long. 🙂 They'll figure it out, don't worry.

BUT...if you have male honey gouramis, they might take a bit longer to figure out the food routine. Females tend to be a little more food-motivated and will catch on quicker. 

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