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After cycling my tank for two weeks, and the cycle becoming stable, I purchased a male dwarf gourami yesterday, he was lively and healthy in the store, he acclimated well and was lively last night. 
This morning, and all day he's been quite lethargic, with clamped fins, and spending all his time in one side fo the tank near the surface. I not sure whats going on. I gave him a pinch of new life spectrum probiotic food tonight, and he ate a few gulps, but was otherwise diinterested unless it was right in front of him. To add to this, there are ghost shrimp and a few snails in his tank that are doing perfectly fine. along with a random molly fry that got into the bag with the gourami. He is the only one having issues in the tank. 


  • PH - 7.2
  • Nitrates - 5ppm
  • Nitrite - 0ppm
  • Ammonia - 0ppm
  • Water Temperature - 75F
  • Filtration - nicrew internal 5-10 gall filter, with coarse sponge, filter floss and marine pure gems biomedia. 50GPH




I have also included a video so you can see just how bad his inactivity is. 


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 clamped fins can be a sign of poor water quality or illness as your water parameters are fine it's could be parasitic infection or a bacteria infection i would increase water changes if their no improvement then I would treat with metroplex in food


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Tank readisngs are the same from yesterday. 

Fed the little guy and he took some food this morning, and a few bites when i got home from work. Seems to have perked up a bit, and is reacting when I lift the lid to get a look at him. He even swam for cover at one point. 
Hes by no means "well" yet, but he is improving, so fingers crossed.

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Sadly he passed some time today while I was at work despite perking up over the last few days.

Aquarium levels are listed below. 
The only thing I can point to is the sudden dissappearance of my shrimp, and that he over ate and developed bloat. I'll have to make a note of this for the future and avoid keeping them together. 


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Sorry to hear he didn't make dawrf gourami suffer from a lot of health problems due bad genetic due to a lot of inbreeding it difficult to not for sure what happened I would keep a close eye on your other fish 

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