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Hey everyone

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Hey I'm new to the forum I've watched Corey and the gang since I started up my aquarium obsession back up and I've finally made it to my first indoor pond it's a mini pool 120 gallon pond and I was wondering if y'all could help me decide what to scape it with substrate that will work for plants and which plants would be best I have actually never done a planted tank but I'm finally going to I'm so excited but wanted to do it correctly also are there snails or fish I can put with my goldfish in my pond I do have a heater however the water temperature will drop to about 55-60 overnight in my area 

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Welcome to the forum, indoor pond is something I’ve been considering. @Levi_Aquatics made a couple of really good suggestions thick bed of sand and get some easy planters. I’d suggest getting some big rooted plants so they can really get a good hold as they grow.(swords or vallisneria)

and I’m not sure how goldfish do with floating plants but maybe that’s an option as well?

good luck mate 

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