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Brine shrimp hatching


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Hi. I am using disc shaped brine shrimp hatchery. I did successfully hatch the live brine shrimp back in september but I forgot what I did to hatch the shrimp..

After the september's hatching time, I kept eggs in fridge in the original container bottle and today, I wanted to hatch again so I did pour 1 quart of Fiji water (spring water?? The blue cap bottled water) and I have added 1 2/3 tbs aquarium salt as brine shrimp egg bottle says and pour into the disc hatchery and set everything up and sprinkled the egg straight out from the fridge.

Since it is still 12 hours passed only so hard to judge but as they hatch, I saw floating egg on top in the center part over the mesh cup as you swee in the pic (pic taken just now) and at the same time, I remember seeing brine shrimp moving around.


Those floating eggs I am seeing are eggs that would not hatch? Or am I seeing they hatched some but because I used bottled water, it did not  go well and died?? I still observe this for 2 days to see any wiggly things I can find in the center area but it got me wonder, if using water from bottled one was not a good idea and I should have used water from the tap.


Thank you.


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I cannot say what exactly accounts for all you are looking at.

Artemia eggs will last awhile in the fridge. I’ve had a bag of CoOp eggs for months that still hatch.

My proportions of water / salt / eggs are as follows:

1 liter of water

3 rounded teaspoons of Aquarium salt

1 rounded teaspoon of Artemia eggs

I allow a reasonably strong air flow to go on them for 36-48 hrs. before harvesting.

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Thank you. I peeked at the brine shrimp hatchery in the morning and many hatched like last time. So, I guess Fiji water was ok to use to hatch the shrimp and did not needed to be water straight out from the tap. Mine does not require light nor heat but it is suggested to put it in warm area.


I harvested some and fed to fish this morning and they loved it but, I wonder if the brine shrimp was so tiny that clown killifish did not recognize food coming down.... I should have waited 2 days before harvesting?

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I’m not an expert by any means on hatching brine shrimp but in a video Cory talked about the chlorine in tap water helping the brine shrimp escape the egg casing. I have a quicker higher hatch with tap as opposed to the one time I tried same tap dechlorinated from the same Coop batch of eggs. 

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