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Sudden critter infestation in established planted tank


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Hi all, and happy holidays.

I've scoured the Google to no avail looking for what the bugs might be. They appeared and proliferated very quickly and are eating the dwarf grass and algae in my tank. My black racer snail is hiding, terrified.

The bugs appear as little almost 1/2 inch mossy sticks, that are actually tubes that they live in. They walk around easily in the tank and are voracious..

Twice a day I'm cleaning the floating grass from the top of the tank as they clip the stalks near the root. I'm thinking this is drastic.




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Wow, I never heard of caddisfly larvae until today. I watched a Youtube video which says that the larvae can live for a year, while the caddisflies only live for a couple of weeks.

Having watched one YouTube video, I am now an expert. I recommend that you reach into the tank and take them out and flush them down the toilet.

Or use a net.

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Thank you. It's easier to see the chain of events now. Really helpful.

I keep my old water to water houseplants and didn't clean the vacuum or the bucket. 

Did a really big cleaning a few weeks ago and BAM!

Since they are larval they will not lay more eggs, I'm assuming..

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