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Dwarf Hair Grass vs Micro Sword- hardier?

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Wanting to stack the odds in my favor, I'm wondering which of these two plants, Dwarf Hair Grass and Micro Sword, can tolerate greater abuse (unintended, of course). From their descriptions, both plants appear hardy. And both plants appear to propagate in a relatively short time period. Any differences of note also with respect to these two aspects? The tank is illuminated with medium light and is not supplemented with carbon dioxide. I'm looking for a grassy-type carpet plant, among which fry can hide. Thank you.

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@Knew tooth is; Go with the Micro sword. The Dwarf hair grass is actually a terrestrial plant that can live underwater but doesn't thrive very well. The Micro sword is a true aquatic that propagates by runners and can take over the bottom of your tank very quickly. The better plants for fry are those that have leaves that reach the surface such as Water sprite which can also be grown as a floating plant. 

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