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Feeding « too much »

Karen B.

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Today wasn’t my day vs feeding.

I have a 10 gallons with a HOB tidel 35 + sponge filter. Population is 2 baby female honey gourami that are just out of quarantine and have been eating for 3 days. I accidentally dropped a lot of food. I had just done a WC so I used a cup to remove as much as I could and a pipette. But of course there is still much more then usual.

I won’t feed the gourami tomorrow for sure. Should I do another WC - vacuum tomorrow?

Same happened in my 20 gallons but I have (way too many) pigs er… I mean corydoras in it. They won’t stop breeding. I know they will eat it all.

Is there an issue for a fish if it eats too much? I kinda fear bloating or constipation.

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