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Excited about the arrival of MRBDs this week. Watching videos. See my random observations below…

Oak leaves. Note to self: add more oak leaf litter.

Intense Flow. No such thing as too much flow.

Rocks size. Rocks can be larger than what I’ve been using. Landscaping rocks could work fine. Or boil some from creek bed behind park just down the road a mile.

Interesting to note dimorphism. Females circle a bit more, whereas males are focused on the drop zone. A large rock pile in a tray will do fine to catch eggs.

Males can look spectacular in home aquaria.

Seems possible good tank mates with Hillstream loaches.


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On 8/16/2022 at 5:23 PM, OutBout said:

Amazing stuff! Thanks for showing your setup and thinking process. I've always been thinking about doing dace or shiners for a hillstream tank. If you don't mind, where did you source your fish from?

I get most all of my NANF here.

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Well, while the Mountain Redbelly Dace fry are maturing along… the remaining 10x or so Southern Redbelly Dace I’ve kept decided they were in the mood today…






I decided to pull eggs… even though I’m cramped for space to grow out fry. Felt too proud of them to not try…

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