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On 10/22/2021 at 9:38 AM, lmhicks101 said:

Thank you guys. I was hoping I had hit the lottery with the nerites since I’ve had them 5 weeks and no eggs like everyone had said there would be. 

I don’t find the eggs to be a problem at all.  I have loads of nerites in my 100 G and don’t see eggs that often.  I think the wood has enough biofilm that the eggs are easier for other inhabitants to pick off.  I know I have several Amanos in there even though I rarely see them.  They’re lost in the jungle.  I also have at least one nerite in all my tanks with fish but not my shrimp tanks.  I have enough nerites I’m quite certain the odds are strongly against me having only males.  😃  I haven’t checked them since it’s been a non-issue.

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