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Phosphate PO3/PO4 Removers/Absorbers

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What is everyone's go to Phosphate remover/absorbers and where do you place it within your tank/filter?

I am having troubles with high phosphate (and due to this bba I suspect )* and before I go out and purchase  phosphate removers I am asking for everyone's favorite way to remove phosphates. I have a lightly planted tank (any plant suggestions would be wonderful) and it seems none of the plants are to demanding for phosphate (or as im thinking I just have excess not being used). I have already tried changing my lighting cycle and adding CO2 and water movement (which took care of the staghorn) so now I am on to lowering my phosphates. 

*no other algae grows besides BBA now and plants are growing fine.


Any suggestions would be helpful. I have started to user easy green once a week (thinking I was lacking other nutrients to help the plants absorb the phosphates) and have started feeding more frozen foods in hopes that this will help decrease phosphates.


I have a HOB so I can add the phosphate remover/absorber in it ,but if anyone has an idea how to add it to a sponge filter that would be wonderful aswell. Currently all that is in my filter is a sponge and ceramic pellets. 

Live Plants:

Moneywort, Red Flame Sword(one mature plant and two mini's that grew from it), Crypticoryne wendetti, Pink Flamingo Crypts, amazon sword, recently added java fern from one of my other tanks and a tiny (5 leaf) pothos plant hanging out the top thats slowly growing new roots. I have a fluval 3.0 on 45 gallon tank with normal gravel as the substrate.


Ammonia: 0


Nitrates: 50 (doesnt fluctuate much when easy green added)

PH: 7.2

GH:very hard looks to be 300 on the test strips even though out of my tap its less than the 150 range

kh: 40~

Chlorine: 0


Thank you,

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Before trying more drastic measures, maybe try and do a thorough gravel vacuum. Phosphates occur through the breakdown of organic waste, so this may help (vacuuming up detritus and waste). Otherwise, I would opt for the natural method (like plants), as it is better long term. 

It looks like you have a good amount of plants. That pothos that you added should help too. 

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On 10/15/2021 at 10:43 AM, Marnol D said:

@eatyourpeas Hmm didnt think of using the polyfil for a quick method to collect stuff and toss probably would work well. Also how close to the rooted plants do y'all suggest getting with the gravel vacc? I usually only do the open areas.

Unfortunately I can't help you there. I do not have gravel and never vacuum my sand substrate. 🙄

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