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Violet cory tail


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About 10 days ago, I got violet cory from Aquatic arts. At that time, 3-4 cory out of 7 had broken fins and missing bottom fins for some (cory usually has 4 bottom fin but some had only front 2 bottom fins).

AA said broken fin is from shipping and if I add almond leave and clean water fin would grow back,no worries.

As for bottom fins, they said the one with missing one, they said maybe deformity or those has extremely small fins and I am not seeing it.

I am observing 7 cory in quarantine tank but they were shy at first and started to be more active behavior wise and happy but I am not so sure if things I see is really nothing to worry about as they say.

Reason being, some cory's back broken tail has thick white line while others has much thinner line on the back fin. I cannot take good pic because they move fast... The pic I attach is from the second day on other fish but, to show where I see the thick line I am looking at, I marked the area.

My water PH is 8   Temp 76F, Ammonia zero, Nitrite zero, Nitrate 10-20

Anybody has any idea what I am seeing?Really nothing to worry about? Some cory's tail is looking like as it should have been.



cory tail 1.jpg

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It could be anchor worms or bits of the fin that have frayed fin there's a couple of treatment for anchor as Cory's are bit more sensitive to some meds hikari cyropro treats anchor worms and it's a more mild treatment I would holed of treating  till your sure it's anchor worms check your other fish for little white thread like worms attached to your fish

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Thank you. The white thread move individually and move like worms... if I had way to post the video, I will... and the pic above is from the video (I could not attach video here).


So Hikari products, if it were 10 gallon tank, I need 0.5ml med after water change and dose it once a week?And continue 3 weeks long to complete the treatment? Am I correct?


I am from Japan originally and English is my second language.

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Yes after treatment if you watch they will likely fall off where you can see I was had a out break and I could watch them fall off. I have a picture but I’m still looking. I’ll add it if i can find it. You see how long they can be. These came from fish 6”+ andgelfish body not fins, and large gouramis. So this were noticeable. Sorry about the other floating debris, it’s a down size to having a moss ground cover/ substrate. I saw them come of of the fish scales

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