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Kuhli Loach Behavior


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First time caller, long time listener! 
I got a bunch of Kuhli Loaches almost six months ago now and I noticed that one of them swam up to a bunch of Water Spirte that I have floating at the top. Just curious if this is a standard thing or something I should be monitor more closely? (Water parameters writhing good conditions)  

Thanks in advance! 


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Kuhli loaches are a very playful species and often get what I call the Kuhli Zoomies.  This involves zipping around the tank randomly.  Then they will stop wherever the notion strikes them and rest wherever they stopped, sometimes even in midwater, often on a random leaf, propped up against the side of the tank, against whatever tank decorations, plants, each other, etc.  They are clowns and fascinating to watch.  Sometimes they are also experts at hiding and you won’t always see them consistently.  They are also notorious for burying themselves in the substrate, especially if it’s sand or fine gravel.

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