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Mystery snail explosion

Brandon p

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Any else have a mystery snails every where. There are several clutches still in the tank. I have always had fish that would eat some of the babies so I was not over run. Will most of these babies survive. If they will I will move the adults. I normally would take the 30 or so that grew big enough to LFS for cash or credit.  Size difference E5003043-1397-411D-82A2-3EF2FFF6D0A7.jpeg.ade91fa49075e88fa5a4b149bec458ec.jpeg 

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Had small clown loaches in there. They kept them under control. I still had snails but at a low level. I moved the loaches to a bigger tank. This is the first hatch since then. I will take the clutch of eggs and put a cheap plastic container drill holes in the top. Then I wet two paper towels doubled, then set a third paper towel into of the wet towels. Place the eggs on top and float in container in the aquarium. Make sure the eggsdont dry out. Check daily or every 2 days and add a little bit of water into the the plastic container. I use a kids medicine syringe. They lay several clutch’s at a time normally. I how that helps. If you are not getting eggs let me know





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