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Mixing Neon Tetra types


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I have a 20G long tank that currently houses 6 albino neon tetra, 5 pygmy cory's, a betta and a mystery snail. I believe I have room for few more fish, and wanted to add 3 more of the tetra's to have a larger school. But I did not realize when I got them its an unusual stock for my LFS's. 

Would 3 regular neon tetra's be close enough to be able to add? I don't think I have room for another school of a different type. If not I may just add more of the cory's,!


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On 9/10/2021 at 12:24 PM, Colu said:

They are the same species just a  captive bred colour form they will be fine together natural colours neons 

@llmgtab this^^

Albino/diamond head/longfin (and probably other variations I don't know about) are the same species as the regular neon tetras. 

Just be aware that 'green' neon tetras and 'black' neon tetras are separate species altogether not just variations so won't mix the same (not that they can't be kept together as far as I'm aware, they just probably wouldn't school etc)

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