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What to do with breeding tetras?

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Hello everyone!


Recently I have noticed my 4 neon tetras that are temporarily in my 75 gal are starting to show breeding signs. What are the signals to know if they're babies on the way? Also, which fish should I separate? I have only ended up breeding mollies before so I am still new to the breeding aspect of fish keeping. If I can get a video I will share. Thanks!

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If you see females with rounds bellies that's a good sign. If you see lots of activity in the morning at first light that's when most tetras usually spawn. You can separate males and females in different tanks or divide a single one to condition them for breeding. Conditioning is feeding them good. After conditioning for a few weeks add a pair to spawning tank at night and they may drop eggs the following morning. 


I use 2.5 gallon tanks to spawn a single pair. On the bottom is #5 stainless steel mesh to protect the eggs from getting eaten by the parents. 

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