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Jammed Easy Green Pump Solution!


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So a little bit ago I made a post about how my easy green pump didn't go very far down. Well it bothered me enough to the point where I took it apart. Turns out easy green solidifies at room temp and exposed to air. It was really cool to see solid fertilizer crystals. 


  1. Unscrew pump head 
  2. Take pump head and hold it upsidedown over the bottle/ bowl/ or your tank
  3. Pull off top part of pump (the part where fertilizer leaves)
  4. Take off the black piece that screws onto the bottle 
  5. There is a white ring under black piece that screws onto the bottle, remove and dont lose 
  6. Admire the crystals (pointed with red arrow)
  7. Take a cup of HOT water and dissolve crystals, I tried to remove manually but it isnt as effective. 
  8. Agitate the pump by tapping it on bottom of cup
  9. Put back together aligned with the slits 

Works like new and is back to being satisfying to push down. Downside is my tank may be over fertilized now






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On 8/29/2021 at 9:42 AM, Turtle said:

I broke my pump right off the bat?? 😆 

So I guess will have to come up with a plan soon..No worries it's all about the question how many MM,s is in one pump

The bottle says 1ml per pump, but it feels like so much more

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