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Fish in mail over weekend.


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I recently won some rainbowfish on Aquabid. The tracking estimated Thursday delivery, and by Tuesday night they were already within 50 miles. 

Then they seemed to vanish for 4 days. 😤 

It was a holiday weekend, so the fish wouldnt show up until Tuesday. I was convinced they'd all be dead.

Tuesday came and my fish all arrived alive! The sender had made sure they were individually bagged just in case. He said they can usually make it 11 to 13 days.

Good luck to you!

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On 8/27/2021 at 12:17 PM, lefty o said:

usps never fails to fail!🙈

Yep, and they're getting worse.

One advantage of living in a very rural area. Our post office only serves a few people. I know the guy inside on a first name basis and he'll do stuff like calling if I have a package or hanging late 5-10 minutes if an elderly neighbor needs a package or something. When I lived in a major city visiting the post office was a chore at best.

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Might just be where I am, but ever since COVID happened and the initial rounds of mail delays ensued, USPS seems to be delivering 7 days a week for me now. I'd give your local post office a call, most of them are open on Saturdays for a few hours, maybe even Sunday (though they might be closed for counter service and possibly just delivering packages and mail.)

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