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Dressing up the Easy Planter

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I have a bare bottom tank so using a handful of easy planters which all look alike. I would like to cover most as much as possible to break down the repetitive look. Two of them I have attached some Anubis to the side but have more planters to dress up without the addition being so large the main plants are hidden. Any recommendations for what I can glue to the rock and will grow on it? So far I have come up with the following possible options.

Java and/or Christmas Moss, Dwarf Baby Tears, Riccia Fluitans, Monte Carlo, and Staurogyne Repens


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Almost any Fissidens moss (F. fontanus, nobilis, geppii, or Thailand) will look fantastic after it takes 600 years to cover.  Just kidding, it only feels like 300 years.  I would suggest if you try a Fissidens, get more than you think you need, plan on taking plenty of time, have your spray bottle handy, use tiny dots of superglue gel, start at the bottom and overlap fronds.

Hooker’s moss (Physcomitrium hookeri) is also a very cool looking moss that is considered slow growing but isn’t as slow as the Fissidens sp. IME.  Same for Jade Lotus moss (Jungermannii truncata) is a somewhat similar shaped moss to the Hooker’s moss but is a more pure green vs the brownish stem on Hooker’s.  Distichophyllum "Maibarae" is somewhere between the two in appearance.

Any of these would be a good choice for a very pretty, but easily controlled moss.

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