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  1. FL here, know your pain. I had a generator running after Irma on the pool deck. One cord to the fridge out there. One through a window to my office for my fish tank, and then one out to the pond for the air on it, one to charge all the ryobi batteries for night time. Would stop everything to run just the koi pond for a few hours, then back to just air and running everything else. We wanted whole house but we don't have natural gas running through here unfortunately.
  2. If everything was off except air, you likely had a build up of nutrients from the filter not going. Carbon dose, reduce light, let the filter come back and do its job. Water change to remove any build up. Something to consider if you are a tool person, a Ryobi inverter. They have one for their 40V that you can plug into and it will run some stuff for you even if in short bursts during outages. If you have a lot of tanks or want to think long term, they have a generator that runs on 4 of the 40V that can run a fridge and other stuff inside the home and quietly. You can use one to likely run all the tanks you have at once.
  3. "Experts" are a big reason why folks have a hard time getting started or staying in. The absolutes and such go way too far too often. Few examples... Go to any reef site and ask "where do I start" and you get a dozen responses saying "BRS 52 weeks on youtube" where you are told everything you need to be successful and these same experts say the videos are accurate and you must do it. People see these $300-$1000 systems being added to control one aspect of the tank and are instantly backing out over the money. Some can afford it or a modified version and move forward being told they will succeed with this stuff. Most have issues or fail and the same experts tell them they got the wrong stuff, didn't test right, etc. It becomes an attack and a lot of the new reefers are closing tanks in a year or less. Had a personal one about 11 years ago going to a koi site and being told my pond plans would fail. I would never succeed with the set up, never show fish, never grow anything large. Sadly it was driven by a well known koi keeper and show judge. Had I listened I would have walked away but thankfully I am too stubborn. Did it my way, found a less judging forum, and made him hand me a trophy at a koi show a few years later with a fish pushing 3ft. The supporting folks at the second one is what got me to that point.
  4. Always prefer to deal with the tank taking care of itself with its occupants over chemicals. Carbon/Excel could help. You can always trade in for smaller at the LFS. Mine has a hard time getting larger ones in so will take the trade.
  5. Snails and Amano will do good in there. Pleco could easily outgrow the space in time. Maybe SAE or FW Gobies, or both.
  6. I would not bother as it is likely not to impact your water/sewage bill at all. Most water municipalities bill sewage on an estimate of the amount of water being used going back out the drain eventually. Some have winter rates assuming 100% in and 100% out and summer rates being lower assuming landscaping, pools, washing cars, etc. Measuring water usage is easy due to pressurization but gravity flow of waste out of your house is too difficult to get accurate. I would first check in to see exactly how it is billed before taking any steps. If you are looking to greatly reduce costs, a lower flow shower head or toilets would produce greater results.
  7. Bacterial and stress can cause this. I would ensure good water quality and use prazi or metronidazole. I would also consider erythromycin if one of the first two don't work. I believe though if you use it in combination they impact each other. Just incase you have a parasite issues, likely not the cause of this, a quick dip would be good so its only dealing with one issue at a time. I would suggest a 10 second dip in a 8 parts water to 1 part 3% Hydrogen Peroxide mix.
  8. Water goes into a contained area and has to flow through the fleece to escape. The roller would have a water level sensor so as the fleece clogs, water level goes up and trips the sensor. When the sensor trips, the motor rotates the fleece roll exposing clean fleece. Water level drops and the cycle repeats itself. Some are large and built into the sump (Trigger system sumps come to mind). Mine is meant to drop into the filter sock holder of most sumps, comes in 4 or 7 inch sizes depending on your filter. The ones built into sumps are much larger sheets. If you DIY your sump at least this brand has something you can buy to just place in your sump and plumb to, then add the drop in roller. Don't see it in FW much but I converted from reef and loved not cleaning socks too often. This should allow me a lot more time of not cleaning anything. In my case water will flow through the first and then to the second. There is no water sensor on the first so when water level goes up, it will actually hit the emergency overflow to the second unit. When the second unit starts to clog, it will trigger both units to rotate fresh felt. If you have two sock holes at the same level it would allow for better flow than mine, but I am not going to dump my sump to make an extra part work.
  9. My sump runs to a 4 inch sock, a baffle to a lower 4 inch sock, and then out to the main chamber. The first one has been running a mesh and the second a fleece roller. Didn't think two were possible until someone in another forum showed it could be done. Today I took out the first sock and replaced it with a second roller. Hopefully working in tandem with each other I can be hands off the mechanical filtration for a few months at a time.
  10. CW tries, but turned off all of those shows. Supergirl started out good but eventually the plot lines got too dumb for me to stay on. Arrow got repetitive with secret history stories that made no real sense. Legends seemed dumb from the start. Never bothered with Stargirl. Flash was good for a few seasons but eventually that too lost interest. Their best run was back in the day with Smallville.
  11. You will want a tester in the tank to measure CO2 to make sure it doesn't go overboard. Honestly beyond the initial costs, a tank and regulator are not that bad. I feared it myself and just bit the bullet. At this rate the bottle will get refilled every 6 months or so for me at $20. Little money now for ease down the road and making sure fish don't get over run with CO2.
  12. Topped off the ATO, added supplements, cleaned the sump's surface skimmer, and hopefully changed my last filter sock. Sump has two 4 inch holders in series so one is meant for mesh and the other for felt. The felt I replaced awhile ago with a fleece roller and found someone with the same sump who runs a roller in each and got it to work. Ordered the second and will get that in there later this week. Surgery coming up soon means no lifting/stretching/etc for up to 6 weeks. All of this should get me to the point where I can just top off the ATO, add pumps of additives, and add pellets during that whole time.
  13. I need to watch that. I just watched the first two seasons of Titans and caught up on the third. Doom Patrol is on my list for this week.
  14. If you don't want to drill for a drip/overflow set up, you can have a source water and hook dosing pumps up to the tanks. A 2 pump system per tank where one is drawing from fresh water and dumping into the tank and the second is running the same volume from the tank to a waste line. From there you just need to have water and drains even it its just two 55g buckets sitting in the room.
  15. When work or life builds up, tend to still zone out to these guys...
  16. Marketing mostly. Any tank can be used for FW or SW, but of course some set ups lend themselves towards one end of the spectrum better than the other. What I like about those that lend themselves better towards SW is they typically are built with over flows and sumps in mind which are great for hiding filtration and adding volume to the system. I also find since there is a lot of focus on viewing in those set ups, the quality of glass is much higher.
  17. SAE, Amano Shrimp, Carbon (Excel was best for me), and then CO2 and Fertilizer so your plants can outcompete the BBA.
  18. Two things got me in. Didn't have pets as a kid and moved away from home for college and the only pets they would allow were pets that could be contained in a 10g tank or less. It was my limitation but I really enjoyed it. Stuck with 10g until I bought the house and jumped to 50, then 75, and now 130g. My only real limitation now is my wife lol. The other thing that got me in was not about tanks, but koi ponds. When we had our last kid I wanted a tattoo that was representative of the family. Last name is Fisher so fish worked and opted for Koi. Out on the road for work and stopped by a pond shop to see some up front before the tattoo and I sat there for a half hour watching the fish in the pond. Every bit of stress was gone and that is big for me as stress gets my MS going. I had that visit in November, tattoo in December, and started building my pond that springs. 2000g, self cleaning, and pure joy for a decade. Shut it down last fall as my heart is not doing well and couldn't put the energy in it anymore. Shell is there, will start it up some day down the road.
  19. College wise I went to and will bleed black and gold for life as a UCF fan. NFL I stayed out of for years until UCF started having players drafted. Followed the Jags a bit when Bortles was drafted and hit and miss on following them. While they were doing bad this last couple years I was watching the Seahawks as the Griffen twins from UCF were there. Both are gone so will split a little time watching Miami with one twin there and Tua taking the helm. Will also watch the Bills to see what Gabe Davis does.
  20. Had converted my tank from Reef to FW months ago and been making the old lights work, but not well. The new lights came in today so out with the old, in with the new.
  21. Started yesterday with a water change. The replacement CO2 diffusor came and I went to install that. The glass U shape piece from the old one snapped in half picking it up. Gladly got rid of it and now have my bazooka diffuser in. Some serious microbubbles getting pushed around now.
  22. For me my 130g seems like a good size, but I could honestly go much bigger if space allowed for it. Would love something like a Waterbox Peninsula used to divide two rooms where each side had its own feel to it. Would stick to cold water here for ease. As for mine if I ever did up the tank fully I see myself with black substrate, small fish, amano shrimp, freshwater gobies, snails, SAE. Not sure what I would use for carpet but maybe some Monte. I can see two large wood pieces in my mind, maybe a piece or two of dragon stone to help prop them in a position I like. Small branches with a variety of moss plants mixed in like flame, christmas, etc. Attach a few Epiphytes to the wood like anubus attached on the back side, joints between branches getting bucephalandra or similar. Background some Java Fern, Scarlet, Westeria, etc. Some Wendtii near the front sides. Definitely some Pogostemon Helferi in there somewhere. I can picture it better than I can build it though lol.
  23. @Cory I would take small and healthy any day of the week. Went elsewhere for plants this last week due to availability for the first time and ended up throwing away two tissue cultures without planting them. All of my moss nearly DOA, bucephalandra packed bare root and dry. I can grow something small but I can't grow half dead or dead.
  24. Unfortunately today is sucking a bit. Working at my desk and heard a loud pop and heard glass hit glass. CO2 stopped coming out of the diffuser. Took a minute but found the 13 day old diffuser blew off its bottom. Two ordered on Amazon but delays are up there on shipping so I am going to have to call around all of Orlando to see who has one I may be able to get before early Sept.
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