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First nano aquascap. Now, how to plant it and what to stock

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I agree, moss will be easy to grow without co2 and some nice Rotala or Ludwigia will fill in the background. I like the idea of a little Monte Carlo and some tufts of hairgrass for that highland look. Hydrocotyle Tripartita would look good too. 
I have a Fluval Nano, it’s a powerful little light. You might need to keep the intensity low to control algae. 

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Monte Carlo would look really good in that aquarium! And I defentley some rotala and moss will look fantastic in that tank!
However in my experiance monte carlo won't carpet without co2. However it will still do fine without co2, just no carpeting. I had monte carlo in a tank without co2. The monte carlo was very green and pearled but never carpeted. 



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On 8/10/2021 at 9:19 PM, James Black said:

in my experiance monte carlo won't carpet without co2

Yeah… was thinking about this too… might not work.

But you could try DIY CO2 with an inverted glass beaker. We found that during lights on, an inverted 50 ml. Turbidity column filled with DIY CO2 dissolved completely in 29 gal. of water. The idea is what they do at Ocean Aquarium in SF.



Here’s a video of my son explaining…


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