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Java Fern/Amazon Sword questions on offshoots

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I have a java fern and amazon sword that are nicely supplying me with new plants! Have a couple questions on how to use these properly

For the amazon sword, I have let this go for a time and the roots are pretty long. If I want to separate this and plant in substrate, should I coil up all the long roots, or maybe trim a bit?

For the java fern, I have a few rooted offshoots on this plant. Since this is a rhizome plant I know to  not plant it in substrate, but if I removed these should I just attach to a rock/wood like I would a full plant? Or should I wait until more it develops more. 



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On 8/8/2021 at 12:51 PM, CalmedByFish said:

@llmgtab In the pic of the sword, is the plant in the background the parent sword? I was thinking swords had to get huge before they reproduced. (Asking because I have a sword slightly bigger than the plant in the background, and a baby sword sounds really exciting. 🙂 )

Yes that is the parent plant. I bought this at my LFS about a month ago and it already had this started. I got lucky the associate that helped me found this one in the back of the tank for me. 

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