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First time ich


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Ph 7.2

nitrate, nitrite, ammonia all 0 (still doing a fish in cycle)

hardness 300

kh 80


My fish have ich. I’m actually a little happy about it, ive never had to treat ich before so it’s another notch in the fish keeping belt and my tank is still getting set up and is minimally stocked. 3 HRP and a fire mouth, all about 1” and a 2.5” bristlenose. I had a RTS who died the day after purchase (patient zero for ich). So far only 2 of the HRP are showing the spots but the Firemouth has lost a lot of color, although he is also bottom of the food chain int the tank.

So far I have started treating with doing a 50% water change, adding 45 tablespoons of aquarium salt (90g tank) and cranking the heat from 78 to 82. Anything else recommended to do? Should I adjust feeding or lighting or anything like that? What should I be looking out for?

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Salt will take a longer time to deal with ick I would treat with ick x as you have to do daily water changes with ich x it will to keep your ammonia and nitirte levels down during treatment as your tank hasn't fully cycled yet

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Our aquarium fish come from water that is pretty warm, whether they're from the Amazon River basin or from someplace in SE Asia.

If you're from SC as I suspect, the water in the Santee-Cooper reservoirs are pretty warm as well.

I've been an avid fisherman since I was five, I've probably caught over a million fish since then, I have never caught a fish that has Ich and only one that had a parasite.

My point is, raise your water temp to about 85 degrees and your fish will never have Ich again. Ich can not survive water temps over 80 degrees and your fish come from water that is much warmer. This warmer temp will prevent other diseases as well and save you a bundle of money in the long run. 



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I appreciate the advice all the I didn’t really heed it. I actually haven’t been water changing the tank even though I’m cycling the tank with fish in it. I’ve had it set up for a month now and I test the water every other day and have yet to see any ammonia, nitrite, or nitrate. I think maybe the live plants are taking it in too fast. All of my ich appears to be gone now though and the fish are all colored up nicely and behaving as you’d expect.

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