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Hey all..real quick(ish) question - 


I had a 10 gallon tank which I am currently keeping tadpoles in as they grow out.

In my 60 gallon tank, I have an abundant amount of male endlers from the last two Broods.. so I want to separate some of them and take some of the males out but the only other place I can put them currently is possibly in the 10 gallon with the tadpoles.


The question is can I do this?

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Frogs from what I have experienced act like fish in that they will try to eat anything they can catch and put in their mouths. But they differ vastly in their abilities to do either. I wouldn’t put a fancy slow goldfish with an adult bullfrog for example. I probably would put a bullfrog tadpole in with a goldfish that was not big enough to eat it though (the tadpoles I was used to were about nickel sized in the body).

It’s really just a matter of if either fits, they will not tear each other like piranhas. 

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