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Identify algae and advise on combating?

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It’s everywhere and it’s really disheartening to see. 

I leave my lights on 7 h a day, but I’ll be cutting that back to 4-5 most likely. 

I need advice on how to get it under control. My first thought was snails and shrimp, though it maybe a while before I can get my hands on some. 




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How old is your tank? Looks like filamentous diatoms during a cycle/re-cycle (if not, possibly brown hair algae). If it is, It should eventually go away as your tank matures. In the mean time, I would double check your water parameters and manually remove as much of it as possible then do a water change. Repeat as necessary. My limited knowledge doesn't know of any critters that will eat it. Oto cats will usually eat regular diatoms though (which I can see in your tank) but they will need outside food once its all gone. Also, instead of reducing the hours of light, try reducing the intensity of light by either dimming it, raising it higher, or using something to diffuse the light (window screen). You can also decrease light by increasing tannins. 7 hours should be just fine as long as your light isn't incredibly bright. I run my tanks for 10 hours. Having said that, I don't think reducing your lighting is going to help with your current situation (assuming it's filamentous diatoms). However, it is always best to start your tank with lower light and gradually increase the intensity over a few weeks until you reach your plants and your tanks threshold. That threshold is dependent on your plant choices, fert/co2 dosing, light intensity, light quality, and overall water quality.

Hopefully someone will come by and give you some more knowledgeable advice!


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I had what I think is this same algae nearly a year ago when my tank was new-ish. It really creeped me out. I did the steps that Ryan w mentioned above. Also I used the coop easy carbon-one pump for the 10g every other day. It cleared up pretty quickly, maybe a couple weeks became crystal clear.  I recommend that product. 

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