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Looking for oddball fish.


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Disclaimer I am a huge fan of groups of eaxh species I keep to get the most personality I can. I have also never had dojo loach. 

A group of dwarf chain loaches is about as much personality as ive seen.

My panda loaches are also active as a group but not nearly to that dwarf chain loach level of play. 

A herd of Khuli loach in a planted tank might come out regularly as well. 

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Here are some of my 10 favorite odd ball fish

1.  Hillstream Loaches (tons of personality with others, especially when they set up territories.  Works especially well if you have rock piles).

2.  Dwarf Cories (they stand out a bit different from their kin being small and that they will swim mid water. like all cories they have great personality)

3. Dwarf chain loaches / Otocinclus.  Dwarf chain loaches and otocinclus will often shoal together.  The dwarf chain loaches have a lot of interesting personality that the otos will pickup on and mimic.  The loaches will also try to mimic the otos.  

4. Kuhli loaches are fantastic when kept in larger numbers.  Especially when your tank has plenty of hides. Also they respond really well if you have floating plants like dwarf water lettuce. 

5. Alien Betta.  They are growing in popularity but still not all that common. There look is a bit distinctive, and they seem to have tons of personality if you can get a non-aggressive one.

6. The african butterfly fish

7. Upside-down catfish

8. Freshwater pipefish

9. Species Only - A tank of 12 pea puffers 

10. Dwarf Freshwater Gobies (e.g., Stiphodon pelewensis )

BONUS Non-Fish:
11.  Dwarf Mexican Crayfish

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