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Medaka breeding advice? (Also what color are these considered?)


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So today something wonderful happened.

I got 100 rice fish for free.

Yes, free!!!! I can’t believe my luck.

One of the biology professors who studies zebrafish ended up getting a rice fish order by mistake. He was just looking to get rid of them without having to kill them. And now they’re mine!!


I’m assuming these are what we would call the “wild type” in biology, but what does the hobby call this color of rice fish? White? Normal? Standard? 😄

Also, I’d love to breed them and sell them to my LFS. I think I’d like to select for the blueness of the eye, but other than that, what’s desirable in these fish? Less orange? (Some of them have a tint of orange, though I read that can be a mating color.) Plump body shape? Longer fins?

I’ve already culled about 10 fish that had bent spines or some other deformity, and I’m sure I’ll have to cull a few more for the same reason once they grow up and I can get a better look at them.


Sorry little fish. ❤️ They went peacefully with clove oil. I’m getting sadly good at clove oil euthanizations.

I know they’re mop spawners, so I’ll have to work out where to grow out the fry.

Any tips are greatly appreciated!

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@HobbitI’d probably characterize them as white ricefish or white Medaka. The wild types I’ve seen in @Ryo Watanabevideos on YouTube are more a dirty grey color with some black mottling. 
They are not hard to breed using live foods, mops and the eggs are easy to hatch out. Standard process of container, drop or 2 of meth blue, and an airstone. 
Ive been using BBS, spirulina powder, fry food and ground up O-nip tabs. They’ve grown so fast. 309512DC-999F-441B-BF52-083A804AD503.jpeg.c8ac1f6e25c9af12a0bc30e66590fc73.jpegFA64A839-F7D1-4962-9CC0-D4AE5BC3307B.jpeg.fb55a20cddd1238d2fd28a68df1fe993.jpeg7EAEE22A-FA8B-4E23-AE95-66D39CC3612A.jpeg.223cb40d4db7af7d28679f36295224a0.jpeg

These are silver or black rf. Waiting for them to color up. 

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