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Planted 50 gallon stocking ideas


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I have a 50 gallon planted tank, with 2 angelfish, 1 blue gourmai and 2 bristle nose plecos (female). I would love to add more fish but I'm not sure which ones.

Water perimeters

-ph:7.6 NO2, NO3 and ammonium:0, gh-5, and 17kh

Here are a few of my ideas 

-A male bristle nose -I would like to breed plecos (will make a tread about this in the future) 

- A pair/trio of apistogramma 

- 2 more angles (I think it would be a problem to add younger ones with my two old ones) 

-pygmy catfish-dont know a lot about them but they seems cool 

-a school of tetras/barbs/ rainbows 


Thanks for any suggestions


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You would probably have to buy them online, which is a little more risky than buying at your local fish store, where you get to see and evaluate the fish before you buy. 

They are a bit larger than most tetra species. Go on Youtube and search for "Congo tetra" and watch the videos. 

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