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Rainbow fry questions

Ben P.

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Hi there everyone!

I had my first Australian rainbow fry hatch yesterday and have a few questions about feeding them, and fry grow out in general.  I have the fry floating on ziplock containers in my 55 to keep the temp, and was wondering what everyone has the best luck feeding them? I have sera micron that I have been feeding 3 times daily (that's what works with my work schedule, I know more would be great) but I can't tell if they are actually eating it or not.   Also I took a bit of java moss out of a platy breeding tank, and upon putting it in the container with the fry, a bunch of small black things which I assume are insects came rushing out of it.  They are about the size of the head part of the rainbow fry, and from a bit of research online, I think they may be seed shrimp?  I just was shocked that with the stocking level and number of fry in that tank that a small creature like that would be able to survive and not be eaten!  I'll try to upload a photo tonight, my photos I have are apparently too large of file size.  I was wondering if these will eat or hurt my fry, and if they won't, are they a decent food source for the fry?

Update: here is a link to the video of my fry and the small insects, any help would be appreciated!PXL_20210714_213500219.jpg.fdf275d2792874beeea1c5769bd98306.jpg


Thank you in advance!


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@Ben P. I have used both Sera Micron and Golden Pearls as the first food for several types of rainbow fry.  For Golden Pearls I follow Gary Lange's recommendation of 5-50 micron size.  More recently, all my rainbows have been started on Sera Micron.  After about ~2 weeks I find they are large enough to start feeding baby brine shrimp.

Edit: I forgot to say congrats on the first hatch!

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