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Nerm's HELP Please - Glass Lid


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I have spent to last few days working on my 90g and I am at the point of adding my lid. 

My tank is old style so it does not have a middle cross beam. The glass would fit perfectly if it did. The tank did have these to made up cross beams so I thought awesome, all is well. 

Nope. The one is a tight fit and the glass slids nicely in. The other on is about 1/4 inch short so I just holding on. It only has slots on one side. Glass will sit nicely in the slots but than it means the front lid part is sitting unbalanced. It also leaves with about a 2 inch gap between the two. My light is attached there so need space at the back but would like gap closed.

Soooo, looking for some fish tank MacGyver style hacks. Any suggestions that will not break the bank would be amazing. Thanks.






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I dont know if you are budgeted but i am. I do stuff like this to keep my snails in their tank. It is plastic cross stitch craft sheets and i use aquarium silicone glue to hold in place or you could get a section large enuto lay over. It comes in many hole sizes. 


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On 7/1/2021 at 9:47 AM, ErinV said:

@Guppysnail, yes I am on a budget. That is an awesome idea for the gap. Still not sure how to fully support the inside side of each section of lid so that the lids don't end up at the bottom of the tank.

Get pieces of plastic that are sturdy buy them in craft hardware store etc silicone aquarium glue them as cross bars use them to glue the grating on. Or not glue them to the aquarium and you have a makeshift lid piece that wont look to bad. You could even do that to make a frame for the craft grid

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