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Canadian Breeders?


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Well I can't reccemend any sellers from first hand experiance. But I can reccemend some through great reviews as well as freinds who have told me about their success with them.

ShrimpFever, they are located in Ontario and shipping from ontario to manitoba is really expensive ($50) so I can't imagine what all the way to vancover island would be.

Angelfins probably the online store with the best reviews in canada

There was a angelfish breeder that I beleive went out of buisness because I cant seem to find their website anymore and they stopped posting on their social media. It was AngelfishCanada.

AquaristsAcrossCanada has some great reviews too, I often check their stock. I'll probably order from them or angelfins shortly.

ThePlantGuy all though does not sell fish they do have a vast selection of plants. Maybe more then the co-op. I have orderd with them several times (5, i think. All within the past 6 months) 100% reccemend. They will email you back within minutes too! They are local to me as well so I can do free pickup, but often I ask for them to ship it to me. Never had a problem with them.


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On 6/27/2021 at 11:31 PM, Fish Folk said:

Not sure who all is breeding fish, but... @James Black, @MammaG, @Karen B., @Julls, perhaps you’ve got a few recommendations? 🍁

Just please bear in mind that selling or giving fish on the Forum is against the guidelines for all of us...

I would recommend Angelfins as well.

Or I know there are canadian guppies group on FB.


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