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  1. Newbie here. I tried to search for an answer but...I have so many questions. I got Pepper Corys breeding. Great, right? Well the problem is I am not sure what to put the hatching fry in. There are so many different ways to raise them. I collected the first batch of eggs eight days ago. Kept in a rubbermaid snack container with about a cup of water and added few drops of hydrogen peroxide. Changed out the water three to four times a day with tap water that had cycle and aqua-plus added to it. (I did not use the parent tank water as I have been medicating for ICK). The water sits and is room temperature. I have a halogen lamp above for light and it produces good warmth. Today they are hatching and I am not sure what/how to keep them. I am unable to purchase anything at the moment. So, is it ok to raise the little gaffers in a plastic or glass container? How deep? How big? Airstone? When would a sponge filter be required. I've got pool filter sand for the bottom, and I can use some moss from one of the clean tanks. I raise BBS and have frozen Daphnia to begin feeding in a couple of days. So far today, I have seven hatched from the 23 eggs which were fertile. Yesterday, they laid another batch of eggs - 60! Guess they like the tank parameters. I have only had them for three months, the older gals, and added four more younger ones in the last two weeks. They are all from the LFS, but different batches so not siblings. It looks like I have three of each male/female. Also, one of the guppies decided to drop their fry as well. So I have them in a ten gallon. Would I be able to grow-out the corydoras in the same tank? Gosh sorry. But I wasn't prepared for all these babies. I thought it would take awhile for the corydoras to spawn.
  2. It totally caught me off guard today they spawned for the first time, it was so interesting to watch. I gathered the eggs and hope a few hatch. I have had two for a couple of months and purchased another two three weeks ago and another two a few days ago. So, it was not expected at all. I did catch some of it on video but it is very poor quality as the glare was so bad. But good enough for me to enjoy. It sure is a wonderous feeling. Cheers.
  3. Vancouver Island for me. Very limited sources.
  4. Just wondering if there are any Canadian breeders on here. Looking for a special (any) trio of guppies. Hard to find where I live.
  5. Hi! I'm on Vancouver Island, where are you in general terms?
  6. So, I looked it up and I believe you are correct. But, it is aggressive towards the other fish and territorial, especially around feeding times. Could this be because it is in a ten gal tank with too many others? I plan to move it along with 3 cardinal tetras, a Swordtail, Molly, and Pleco, into a 15 gallon. These fish were all in a ten gallon along with two Ottos. I know my tanks are small, but trying to get a big one used.
  7. Hi everyone. Newbie here. From CR, BC Canada. Ive kept fish in the past but started keeping fish again when I purchased a fish bowl (1/2 gal) with four guppies and three mysterious fry unknowingly in it (🙄😡) beginning of May - I’ve now got four small tanks. 3.5, 5, 10, 15. I hope to get a 30 in the near future. I’ve spent hours trying to identify this fish that was sold along with the latest used tank I purchased. I look forward to learning from this group. Have been binge watching Cory for weeks now. cheers
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