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Ancistrus Fry Emerge

Fish Folk

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My BNPs spawned inside a hollowed out stump in this 55 gal. last week. I found one fry dashing around, but no others. Today, I started seeing little BNPs everywhere on the glass...




Then I checked the hole, and they’re all busting out of the crib...


Dad is golden, mom is chocolate. Babies take after mom. But if crossed with each other, they’ll probably spread the colors back out.

Here’s a 1-min video. I’ve got about 250 electric blue Acara fry in here, and probably 50 Ancistrus fry. Holy water changes Batman!


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Congratulations mine are breeding like rabbits I have two generations in their tank at the moment and there showing breeding behaviour again he's some  picture of them eating a piece of cucumber proud dad in the backgroundIMG_20210624_155850549.jpg.6e1a03305f4f4121f841d1007a63996d.jpg


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On 6/26/2021 at 10:11 AM, gardenman said:

Until they fully absorb the yolk sac they tend to cluster together. Once that's gone and they have to eat it's every pleco for themselves. They really spread out then and keeping track of them is a lot harder.

Yolk sacks are gone — they’re out and about! Adorable little fry

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