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Hitchhiker (Snail) Identification


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The first one looks like a bladder snail, and the second a pink ramshorn.  I have both of these types in my tanks and they are  hardy and prolific breeders, eating leftover food and dead plant matter.  The bladder snails stay smaller maxing out at maybe 1/2 inch, the ramshorns can get closer to an inch. My pea puffers love to eat the bladder snails, but not the ramshorns for some reason.  I personally don't put any effort into their care and they are always thriving, but I also have hard water.  If you see pitting or white marks on their shells they may be calcium deficient and would probably benefit from something like a wonder shell or possibly a shrimp food.  I love me some snails, especially if i see a BIG one!

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