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Found 9 results

  1. Today I got some new plants from a friend. He has an established tank and wanted to get rid of some plants. I took them, as I will use them in my new project. I did a salt bath (15min) with the plants to kill off any pests (he has pond snails in his tank). After the salt bath I washed the plants in freshwater, lest them in a bucket for a couple of hours. Now I noticed some weird baubles. They feel like hard jelly. I will include a picture. The fact that they feel jelly like and look like snail eggs makes me think that they are snail eggs after coming into contact with salt? I have no idea if that's true or not.
  2. I received 9 new plants 3 days ago and got them planted. So far I have found 16 hitchhiker from them and I have them hard at work on part of the tank I cant reach, more bang for my buck 🙂
  3. Are seed shrimp cysts so small they are born along on the wind with dust particles? Do they somehow survive the chlorine and come in with the tap water? I notice them more commonly in my dirted tanks, do they possibly just lay their eggs EVERYWHERE and hope that someday that patch of dirt will be submerged long enough to hatch out and reproduce, similar to a fairy shirmp? That's just ONE of the THOUSANDS of micro fauna that could be found in the average healthy tank. I have been VERY curious about this for a long time. I know we have disproven the old Greek hypothesis of "Spontaneous Generation" but looking at and thinking too deeply about my aquariums can have me questioning sometimes.
  4. Are these Nerite snails or baby ramsorn? I know that I had ramshorn hitch hikers but wondering if I had another one sneak in. Also seeing some little white dots on glass that I can not tell if they are eggs or tiny snails. Also my Ramshorns like to "wrestle".
  5. Hi All I was hoping someone could help me identify the couple of hitch hikers that have made their way into my tank on some plants. I’m not looking to get rid of them just want to know what they are to care for them properly.
  6. I counted about 3 of these this morning. It's a fairly new tank so I don't think I'll end up with a ton of them long term. But did want a cleaning crew for this tank. So thanks aquarium co-op for the feebies 😂
  7. Do you decontaminate new plants before adding to your tank? Would you do this same process when setting up a new tank (no fish yet)? Do you have a tried and true method that you've found effective? I've been watching a lot of videos on different soaks and washes, but the information seems inconsistent (some say roots in, some say roots out, etc...) and I would really like to hear some real life experiences... Thanks in advance!
  8. Alright y’all, I have a weird one that I haven’t seen before. Along my front glass and on my smooth plants, I have these little white specs. Looking reeaaalll closely, they look like little cauliflower florets or mushrooms. They have a little foot that’s attaching to the glass, then they they mushroom out with a puff on the end. I took a picture because I know someone will ask, but they are smaller then my photography skills I don’t think they are eggs because all I have are ramshorn snails, detritus worms, planeria and some copepods
  9. Hi all, Any idea what these two things are? I am surprised to see a teeny sprout in my substrate. What on ear earth could this even be? Since a surprise sprout came up, does that mean it appears that my tank is doing a good job supporting plant life? The second item in question appears to be a creature. Perhaps a snail? I got plants from three different places in rapid succession so I have no idea who it came from. If yes snails, do I keep or eradicate? Thanks friends!
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